Welcome to Precision Jewelry & Gems, your premier site for beautiful,
natural gemstone jewelry that is certified by
EGL (European Gem
Labs) providing you, the internet buyer, with complete confidence as
to the authenticity and value for each item purchased
. Typically most
internet jewelry stores offer no assurance as to the quality and value of items
offered for sale. This many times leads to items returned or being later
certified only to find out they were not what they were advertised as. In fact
one of the main reasons for launching our site was to provide what we
ourselves wanted when shopping for a valuable and beautiful piece of jewelry.

Our site specializes in jewelry for the connoisseur; featuring
beautiful, rare, and collectible gemstones set in solid 14Kt, 18Kt gold,
or platinum settings.
 Many of our jewelry pieces are further highlighted by
beautiful 100% natural diamonds.  Because we are an internet boutique
jewelry store we are able to bring our beautiful jewelry items to you at greatly
discounted prices compared to  fine jewelry stores.

So, we wish you a comfortable and satisfying experience shopping at our
 If you should have any specific questions please contact us  
and we will be pleased to serve you!

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beautiful and most importantly;and often EGL appraised so you may feel  
confidence in bidding.
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